EFD Desalination Technology Solution – Eliminates Toxic Brine Discharge

EFD Combines Proven Technologies

EFD’s patented solution efficiently purifies water and eliminates the environmentally toxic brine byproduct discharge. The EFD patent is the novel combination of two well-known and well-understood technologies –vapor compression distillation and spray drying.

EFD’s Patented Technology

The EFD process is effective, economical, and reliable for high and low volume water purification. EFD technology recaptures and purifies 100% of the water that enters the system, separating out the salt, other minerals, heavy metals and other toxins into solid form.


EFD technology is genius in its application because it can be built as a mobile unit, a retrofit to an existing desalination plant, or as a utility scale desalination plant. Utility scale plants can be sized in modules to process 5 million to over 100 million gpd. At a utility scale, EFD’s technology converts seawater into pure water and a saleable commodity in the form of solid sea salt. EFD Mobile units fit on semi-trucks and can be sized to process 1,000 to 200,000 gallons per day. EFD mobile units require minimal permitting as they are not permanent structures. This allows rapid deployment of the units for desalination, toxic clean-up and other post-disaster uses, agricultural uses, brine disposal for industry, oil and gas applications, manufacturing uses and water reuse (toilet to tap)


EFD Corp.’s technology borrows from and improves upon existing desalination methods in several unique but critical ways.

Scaling and Heat Loss

EFD Scaling Solution

EFD Corp. technology solves the scaling problem by separating the heating of the water in one chamber from the vaporization of the water in a different chamber. After being heated under pressure in the heating chamber, the sea water is released through a nozzle into a flash chamber where the decreased pressure causes the sea water to separate into steam, water and salt. The salt and water fall to the bottom of the flash chamber, where the salt crystals are removed via a conveyer belt and the water is re-fed into the heating chamber. This allows the system to separate the steam from the salt without creating scale or brine, producing only crystallized sea salt that can be sold commercially to increase profits.

EFD Heat Loss Solution

EFD Corp. technology reuses the heat of the steam to solve the problem of wasted thermal energy. After separating from the salt and water in the flash chamber, the steam is diverted and compressed. After compression, the vapor enters a heat exchanger and provides 95% of the thermal energy required to heat the sea water in the heating chamber. The remaining 5% of energy which is lost in the system (makeup energy) is provided by the compressor. After exchanging heat with the sea water, the vapor is then condensed as fresh water. This reuse of the latent heat of vaporization provides 90 to 95 percent of the thermal energy with only about five percent of the total energy being lost to radiation and other losses.

5 Percent

The five percent make-up energy is provided by a vapor compressor that is fueled entirely by natural gas- providing the solution to the issue of high electricity costs. Because natural gas is 7.4 times cheaper than electricity, a utility-scale EFD Corp. desalination facility powered by natural gas can produce water at an approximate cost of $844.10 per acre-foot, compared to the typical $2,000 per acre-foot cost of producing water through other desalination methods.

EFD’s Patented Technology

EFD’s patented technology solves the major problems associated with desalination — cost, scaling, heat loss and catastrophic environmental impact. EFD technology recaptures 100% of the water entering the system, separating out the salt or other minerals in solid form. That’s 60% more water available for sale while producing salt, another valuable commodity that can be sold in worldwide markets. When EFD Corp.’s desalination system is used to process toxic wastewater in other industries, the technology recovers minerals and toxins in solid form that can be reused, reprocessed or safely disposed of.
Efficient use of the world’s scarce water resources is the critical issue of our time. It is our passionate belief that innovative design and engineering will turn the tide from water scarcity to universal sufficiency. EFD is on a mission to revolutionize access to freshwater globally. With the implementation of EFD’s desalination technology, we can put an end the environmental damage to our oceans’ ecosystems caused by desalination’s toxic brine discharge.