EFD Technology is positioned to revolutionize existing desalination and brine disposal globally. With no competitors, EFD is positioned as the new industry standard with the only technology eliminating environmentally toxic brine on a utility scale. EFD technology can be built as a utility scale desalination plant, as a retrofit to an existing utility scale desalination plant or as a mobile unit.


EFD patented technology is the global environmental solution for large scale desalination. EFD technology can replace or retrofit existing utility scale desalination plants and eliminate toxic brine ocean disposal globally.
Utility scale plants can be sized to fit in modules to process 5 million to over 100 million gpd. At a utility scale, EFD’s technology converts seawater into pure water and a saleable commodity in the form of solid sea salt.
EFD technology recaptures 100% of the water entering the system, separating out the salt or other minerals in solid form. That’s 60% more water available for sale while producing salt, another valuable commodity that can be sold in worldwide markets. EFD’s patented technology solves the major problems associated with desalination — cost, scaling, heat loss and catastrophic environmental impact from brine discharge into oceans.
Globally, over 150 countries use desalination today as a water source from over 17,000 utility scale desalination plants using Reverse Osmosis and Thermal Distillation. Due to increasing high demand for fresh water globally, an additional 16,000 desalination plants are planned for installation in the next 10 years. EFD utility scale plants could be installed or used to retrofit these planned desalination plants as well as existing plants to eliminate toxic brine discharge into our world’s oceans.
EFD technology advantages go beyond preventing environmental damage. EFD plants produce more water than existing competitors, generating cost savings in energy and higher revenues via increased volumes of saleable water and salt production.