EFD Technology is positioned to revolutionize existing desalination and brine disposal globally. With no competitors, EFD is positioned as the new industry standard with the only technology eliminating environmentally toxic brine on a utility scale. EFD technology can be built as a utility scale desalination plant, as a retrofit to an existing utility scale desalination plant or as a mobile unit.


Many industries remain dependent on processes that produce wet waste or waste waters which must be treated before it can be reused or released into the environment. Industries that produce waste water include, but are not limited to, iron and steel, mines and quarries, pulp and paper industries, chemical and nuclear industries, power generation, and the food industry.

EFD Corp. technology can be adapted to address disparities in industrial waste water processes and provide an environmentally friendly option for treating industrial waste water. Currently, power generation plants require substantial cooling to operate economically. It is common along the coast of California to use ocean water to cool these plants using a process called one pass cooling (or once through cooling). This technology causes damage to the ocean environment, and the State of California Coastal Commission has ordered all one pass cooling to end by 2017. This leaves many power plants without a viable cooling solution. EFD technology is ideally suited to provide distilled water to these power plants.

Water Reuse could be the most important use of EFD mobile technology to increase the availability of water simply by purifying water from existing runoff or disposal water used in agriculture, manufacturing and treated water. During the last five drought years in the Western United States, significant resources went into the development and testing of various water reuse systems. EFD is positioned to be the industry standard in water reuse with higher water volumes, lower costs and delivering dry solids that can be disposed of cheaply and effectively.