EFD Technology is positioned to revolutionize existing desalination and brine disposal globally. With no competitors, EFD is positioned as the new industry standard with the only technology eliminating environmentally toxic brine on a utility scale. EFD technology can be built as a utility scale desalination plant, as a retrofit to an existing utility scale desalination plant or as a mobile unit.


EFD technology can be configured as a mobile desalination unit on semi-trucks and can be sized to process 1,000 to 200,000 gallons per day. As a mobile unit, these units require minimal permitting because they are not a permanent structure. EFD technology can be rapidly deployed for desalination in agricultural uses, oil and gas applications, manufacturing uses, brine disposal for industry, toxic clean-up, post disaster uses and water reuse (toilet to tap).

EFD technology recaptures 100% of the water entering the system, separating out the salt or other minerals in solid form. When EFD Corp.’s desalination system is used to process toxic wastewater in industry, the technology recovers minerals and toxins in solid form that can be reused, reprocessed or safely disposed of.