EFD Technology is positioned to revolutionize existing desalination and brine disposal globally. With no competitors, EFD is positioned as the new industry standard with the only technology eliminating environmentally toxic brine on a utility scale. EFD technology can be built as a utility scale desalination plant, as a retrofit to an existing utility scale desalination plant or as a mobile unit.


Water salinity poses a challenge for farmers throughout the world, especially in dry areas, including California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley. Irrigated soil on farm lands can become increasingly salty due to poor drainage, which is aggravated by the application of high-saline water from salty water sources, such as the San Joaquin Delta. As water evaporates, the salt remains in the soil, leading to increased soil salinity over time. According to a study conducted by the UN, the world loses an area larger than Manhattan to soil salt degradation every week.
Today, about 20% of the world’s irrigated lands are affected by salt damage. It is estimated that the global economic losses of salt-induced land degradation is $27.3 billion per year. EFD Corp. technology holds enormous potential to help reduce the salinity of irrigated water, increase the productivity of existing farmland and even restore fallow farmland. This would allow farmers to sustainably reduce soil salinity without causing environmental damage elsewhere with brine disposal.