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EFD patented a globally significant desalination system that eliminates environmentally toxic brine, the byproduct of existing desalination technologies today. Brine causes environmental damage and is a byproduct of desalination plants, agricultural runoff, industrial processes, oil production and sewage processing. Brine disposal most often is released into the ocean killing marine life and creating ocean “dead zones.” EFD is poised to alleviate one of the greatest threats to the planet – the increasingly rapid depletion of fresh, safe and usable water to sustain life.

Our disruptive technology will revolutionize how water is produced and used in desalination plants, industry, agriculture, and water management. EFD technology creates the opportunity for global sustainable access to affordable fresh water without damaging our environment or ocean’s ecosystems.

The Oil and Gas industry generates tremendous amounts of toxic and brine waste water through drilling operations worldwide. Disposal or reinjection of oil and gas wastewater is expensive. In the United States, current regulations allow for reinjection for certain types of operations. However, the process raises significant environmental concerns because this waste water contains a cocktail of chemicals that can contaminate ground water or cause earthquakes. In some places this wastewater is stored indefinitely due to a lack of a viable treatment or discharge process.
EFD’s patented desalination technology eliminates brine and converts ocean water or brackish water on a utility scale into fresh water and dry salt. EFD’s technology can be sized to fit specific industry needs and be built either as a mobile unit, a utility scale desalination plant or a retrofit of an existing desalination plant to eliminate brine. We have completed the build and successful demonstration of a proof of concept system which can be viewed and demonstrated at our facility upon request.
EFD technology market applications go beyond ocean water desalination as a brine disposal solution for many industries. Brine is a global problem in industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, oil and gas production, mining and sewage processing. Increased global demand for clean water combined with rainwater uncertainty, drought and climate change has created a thriving water reuse market. EFD is positioned as the only mobile and utility scale solution that eliminates brine in all these markets.

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