* We are a clean-water technology solution provider

Our mobile units can be installed quickly and we license our technology for the largest customized installations to solve problems like:

  • Seawater desalination, to remove all of the brine (*)
  • Brackish water desalination for agriculture
  • Industrial waste water preparation (e.g. oil & gas, chemical)
  • Municipal waste water cleaning for drinking water
  • Recovery of dissolved solids

(*) water that contains salt is called brine

Our patented technology

Based on our research and engineering over more than ten years, we built a first prototype to prove the workings and its performance. Our solution doubles the amount of fresh water that is extracted and can do so for a competitive cost.

The technology is patent-protected in the US and internationally.


Investor in our upcoming Series A

Trial partner to test the first mobile units

Salt and solids producer or chemical plant vendor/operator to open new revenue sources and business opportunities


Our management team has on average 25 years of international work experience.

Robbie Magnuson

CEO and President

Robbie is running the day-to-day operations and does all legal (incl. patent coordination) work. She is your contact for investment opportunities.

Shahram Shafie


Shahram designs and builds our mobile units and also custom-made large-scale solutions.

Ralf Haller

Global Head of Business Development and Marketing

Ralf develops our international business and partner network and brings our message out in the world. He is your contact for conducting trials and for investment opportunities.

Mike Lord

Co-Founder and Chief Engineering Officer

Mike is the brain behind the original idea and did the engineering design. He is still the “brain” behind what engineering does and earns our deepest respect.

Tim Cowart


Tim looks after our finances and does the critical sourcing of all required components to build our mobile units and prize customized large-scale designs.

Contact us

Please feel free to reach out with any questions. We would love to hear from you.

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